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As a reseller of AUMA actuator spare parts, we play a crucial role in ensuring that our customers have access to the required original spare parts for their electric actuators. Proactuator’s primary goal is to maintain the functionality and reliability of its customers’ equipment by providing them with authentic and compatible spare parts.

Proactuator’s operation involves identifying the specific spare parts that customers need, providing them with product information, and helping them to place orders. We also effectively ensure that the orders are processed promptly and that the customers receive their orders on time.

As Proactuator, we have a deep understanding of the technical specifications and performance characteristics of AUMA actuator spare parts we are selling. Also, our work involves managing an international supply chain to source and distribute a wide range of spare parts to our customers across the globe. We provide original spare parts for your actuators and deliver them to you wherever you are in the world.

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    Spare parts of AUMA actuators & gearboxes and control units

    Auma actuator spare parts

    AUMA Actuator Parts With Z-Codes

    Most requested spare parts with Z-codes

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    AUMA Multi Turn Actuators, SA & SAR series

    AUMA SA & SAR Actuator Spare Parts

    SA 07.1 – SA 07.5
    SAR 07.1 – SAR 07.5

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    AUMA SQ & SQR Actuator Spare Parts

    SQ 05.2 – SQ 14.2 S
    SQR 05.2 – SQR 14.2 S

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    AUMA Multi-Turn Gearbox Spare Parts

    GK 10.2 – GK 25.2
    GK 30.2 – GK 40.2

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    AUMA Part-Turn Gearbox Spare Parts

    GS 50.3 – GS 125.3
    GS 160.3 – GS 250.3

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    Spare parts for Auma control units

    AUMA Control Unit Spare Parts

    AC 01.2
    AM 01.1 – AM 02.1 S

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    Actuator spare parts are essential components of your valve automation system

    Like any other mechanical device, valve actuators (including gearboxes and control units) are subject to wear and tear over time. Naturally, the continuous operation of the valves exposes the actuators to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, dust, fluid characteristics, and moisture, which can affect their performance and reliability. Certainly, it is crucial to have reliable actuator spare parts readily available to ensure the smooth operation of industrial pipelines.

    Therefore, having a stock of actuator spare parts is essential for any industrial facility to minimize downtime and production losses in case of actuator failure. When an actuator fails, it can cause the valve to malfunction, leading to a complete shutdown of the pipeline system. Surely, this situation can result in significant financial losses for the company, especially if the pipeline carries critical fluids.

    With actuator spare parts readily available, companies can quickly repair the actuator and get the pipeline back online. Furthermore, keeping actuator spare parts in stock can minimize downtime and production losses, resulting in significant cost savings in the long run. Moreover, readily available spare parts can also ensure the safety of the workers and the environment by preventing leaks or spills that can occur due to actuator failure.

    When selecting actuator spare parts, it is essential to choose original components compatible with the specific actuator brand, model, and valve. Obviously, using inferior-quality spare parts can result in premature failure of the actuator, leading to frequent repairs and replacement, which can be costly in the long run. Moreover, using non-compatible spare parts can affect the performance and reliability of the actuator, leading to potential safety risks.