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AUMA AM control units

AUMA AM Control Units provide a simple yet effective solution for actuator control with defined features and easy commissioning, making them suitable for a range of industrial applications. AUMA AM controls with basic design and defined features are the ideal choice when using parallel signal transmission and a relatively modest number of feedback signals.

The type of seating at end positions is one of a few factors that must be defined via sliding switches during commissioning. Operation directives like OPEN, STOP, and CLOSE control actuators.

The DCS receives feedback signals from reaching an end position and cumulative failure signals. The indication lights at the local controls visibly display these signals.

Auma AM control units (AM01.1, AM02.1) - Summary of functions

Operational functions
Type of seating programmableStandard
Automatic correction of the direction of rotation upon wrong phase sequenceStandard
Programmable EMERGENCY behaviourOptional
Failure behaviour on loss of signalOptional

Monitoring functions
Valve overload protectionStandard
Phase failure/phase sequenceStandard
Motor temperature (limit value)Standard
Manual operation activatedOptional


About AUMA AM Control Units

AUMA AM Control Units are designed for parallel signal transmission and are suitable for applications that require a relatively low number of feedback signals. During commissioning, a few parameters need to be set via sliding switches, such as the type of seating in end positions. Actuator control is achieved via OPEN, STOP, and CLOSE operation commands.

The feedback signals are reported back to the DCS upon reaching an end position or collective faults, and are visually displayed at the local controls via the indication lights. The valve position can also be transmitted as a 0/4 – 20 mA signal to the DCS, as an option.

AUMA AM Controls

AUMA AM Controls: Simple Control Units

The design features of AUMA AM Control Units include a modular interface concept for remote control, local controls with lockable selector switch, push-buttons, and indication lights, programmable control logic, and programmable type of seating (torque or limit seating). The units can be mounted separately on a wall bracket, and motor control can be achieved via reversing contactors or thyristors as an option.

AUMA AM Control Units come with various interfaces and features, including control inputs with different voltages, potential-free signal relays for status indication, and fieldbus interface. In selected configurations, safe end position feedback up to SIL 2 is possible, meeting functional safety requirements.