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AUMA SQ/SQR Spare Parts

AUMA SQ actuators, known for their versatile open-close duty and positioning capabilities, have a notable torque range from 50 Nm to 2,400 Nm and offer operating time ranges for 90° swings from 4 seconds to 100 seconds. With swing angles from 75° to 105°, integrated limit and torque seating, along with 3-ph AC and 1-ph AC motors, these AUMA actuator parts are primed to boost your operations.  Our mission is to provide you with the best AUMA SQ/SQR spare parts to ensure the long-lasting performance and reliability of your AUMA actuators.

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SQ 05.2 – SQ 14.2 S   |   SQR 05.2 – SQR 14.2 S

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Spare parts list

Part-turn actuators
SQ 05.2 – SQ 14.2 S
SQR 05.2 – SQR 14.2 S

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SQ 05.2 – SQ 14.2 S   |   SQR 05.2 – SQR 14.2 S part-turn actuator spare parts list

Image Ref NoDescriptionType
005.0Drive shaftSub-assembly
005.1Motor couplingSub-assembly
005.3Manual drive coupling
006.0Worm wheelSub-assembly
009.0Manual gearingSub-assembly
017.0Torque lever
018.0Gear segmentSub-assembly
019.0Crown wheel
022.0Drive pinion II for torque switchingSub-assembly
023.0Output drive wheel for limit switchingSub-assembly
024.0Drive wheel for limit switchingSub-assembly
025.0Locking plateSub-assembly
058.0Cable for protective earthSub-assembly
070.0Motor (incl. ref. no. 079.0)Sub-assembly
079.0Planetary gearing for motor driveSub-assembly
155.0Reduction gearingSub-assembly
501.0Socket carrier (complete with sockets)Sub-assembly
502.0Pin carrier without pinsSub-assembly
503.0Socket for controlsSub-assembly
504.0Socket for motor
505.0Pin for controlsSub-assembly
506.0Pin for motorSub-assembly
507.0Cover for electrical connectionSub-assembly
539.0Screw plugSub-assembly
542.0Handwheel with ball handle
553.0Mechanical position indicatorSub-assembly
554.0Socket carrier for motor plug/socket connect-or with cable harnessSub-assembly

Image Ref NoDescriptionType
556.0Potentiometer as position transmitterSub-assembly
556.1Potentiometer without slip clutchSub-assembly
558.0Blinker transmitter including pins at wires (without impulse disc and insulation plate)Sub-assembly
559.0–1Electromechanical control unit with switches, including torque switching headsSub-assembly
559.0–2Electronic control unit with magnetic limit and torque transmitter (MWG)Sub-assembly
560.0–1Switch stack for direction OPENSub-assembly
560.0–2Switch stack for direction CLOSESub-assembly
560.1Switch for limit/torqueSub-assembly
560.2–1Switch case for direction OPEN
560.2–2Switch case for direction CLOSE
566.0RWG position transmitterSub-assembly
566.1Potentiometer for RWG without slip clutchSub-assembly
566.2Position transmitter board for RWGSub-assembly
566.3Cable set for RWGSub-assembly
567.1Slip clutch for potentiometerSub-assembly
583.0Motor coupling on motor shaftSub-assembly
583.1Pin for motor couplingSub-assembly
584.0Retaining spring for motor coupling
596.0Output drive flange with end stopSub-assembly
612.0Screw plug for end stopSub-assembly
614.0EWG position transmitterSub-assembly
627.0MWG 05.03 cover
629.0Pinion shaftSub-assembly
S1Seal kit, smallSet
S2Seal kit, largeSet

Please state device type and our order number (see name plate) when ordering spare parts. Only original AUMA spare parts should be used. Failure to use original spare parts voids the warranty and exempts ProActuator from any liability. Representation of spare parts may slightly vary from actual delivery.

Extend the lifespan of your system with AUMA SQ/SQR spare parts

Stepping into the realm of the SQR series, these modulating actuators are renowned for their excellent durability and operational capacity, managing a staggering 1,500 starts per hour. The torque range for SQR actuators spans from 50 Nm to 2,400 Nm, and they offer a modulating torque from 75 Nm to 1,200 Nm. All these impressive specifications are complemented by limit and torque seating, a handwheel for manual operation, and again, that highly useful mechanical position indicator.

Remember, maintaining your actuators with high-quality parts is a strategic investment in the longevity and productivity of your business.

AUMA SQ/SQR spare parts