Underwater Valve Control Solutions

AUMA Actuators, a leader in valve automation technology, is pushing the boundaries of innovation with the latest version of their SA multi-turn actuator. This groundbreaking actuator is specifically designed for continuous underwater valve control , making it ideal for various water-related applications such as water supply systems, hydropower plants, civil engineering constructions, and specialized underwater tasks.

Underwater Valve Control

In scenarios where water supply or sewer pipes run underground, valves and actuators are often installed in pits below ground level. Conventional actuators may fail to operate reliably in areas prone to high water levels or flooding. AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators are engineered to tackle these challenges, ensuring consistent performance even in persistently flooded conditions.

A Robust Sealing System and Superior Corrosion Protection

AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators boast a universal sealing system and comprehensive corrosion protection, making them suitable for underwater use. Key features include double-sealed cable glands at the electrical connection, paired inner seals on all housing covers, and a one-piece solid shaft, all of which effectively prevent water ingress.

Peter Malus, Product Manager at AUMA, emphasizes the benefits of these electric actuators: “Our electric actuators are very easy to install – they just require a power supply and a signal cable. Low operating costs also characterize them, and they are virtually maintenance-free. And they offer a clean and environmentally friendly solution, as no oil that might leak and contaminate the water is used. This turns them into a real alternative to hydraulic actuators.”

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AUMA underwater valve control actuators

AUMA SA Actuators: Meeting the Demands of Underwater Valve Control Applications

SA actuators in sizes 07.2 to 16.2 are available for continuous underwater valve control use. As standard, these actuators are qualified for up to 15 meters head of water, with higher head capacities available upon request.

Non-Intrusive Actuator Settings and Control Flexibility for Underwater Valve Control

All actuator settings, including end position settings for travel and torque, can be configured non-intrusively via the AC actuator controls. Opening the actuator housing is unnecessary, simplifying the configuration process. The actuator controls are installed outside the flooded area, separate from the valve and actuator, allowing for cable lengths of up to 100 meters.

Embracing the Future of Underwater Valve Control with AUMA Actuators

AUMA’s cutting-edge SA multi-turn actuators for continuous underwater use significantly advance underwater valve control technology. By addressing the challenges of submerged valve control, these actuators enable a wide range of applications in water supply systems, hydropower plants, and various civil engineering projects. With their ease of installation, low operating costs, and environmentally friendly design, AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators are poised to become a popular alternative to traditional hydraulic actuators in the industry.

Integrating AUMA Actuators in Various Water-Related Industries for Underwater Valve Control

AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators are well-suited for diverse industries and applications where submerged valve control is crucial. These actuators offer unparalleled performance and reliability, opening up new possibilities for businesses operating in water-related sectors.

Water Supply Systems

Water supply systems require accurate and reliable valve control to ensure the efficient distribution of water to end users. AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators enable precise control of valves in submerged environments, ensuring consistent water flow and pressure throughout the system.

Hydropower Plants

In hydropower plants, valve control plays a vital role in regulating water flow and optimizing energy generation. AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators provide dependable valve control in submerged settings, contributing to increased energy efficiency and plant performance.

Civil Engineering Constructions

Civil engineering projects that involve water management, such as dams, reservoirs, and flood control systems, demand reliable and durable valve control solutions. AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators meet these requirements, providing robust valve control even in harsh environments.

Specialized Underwater Applications

Beyond the more common water-related industries, AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators are also suitable for specialized underwater applications, such as underwater research facilities, subsea oil and gas operations, and marine infrastructure projects. These actuators offer the same high level of performance and reliability as in other sectors, ensuring optimal valve control for a wide array of underwater tasks.

AUMA submerged actuator

Choosing the right AUMA underwater valve actuator

AUMA Actuators has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the valve automation industry. Their innovative SA multi-turn actuators for continuous underwater use are a testament to their commitment to developing cutting-edge valve control solutions. By choosing AUMA’s underwater valve control actuators, businesses operating in water-related industries can benefit from enhanced valve control performance, increased operational efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

Making the Switch to AUMA Actuators for Underwater Valve Control

Suppose you are considering upgrading your valve control system or exploring new applications that require submerged valve control. In that case, AUMA Actuators offers an extensive range of products designed to meet your specific needs. Their expert team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the selection and implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition to their underwater valve control actuators.

In conclusion, AUMA Actuators’ SA multi-turn actuators for continuous underwater use represent a significant leap forward in valve control technology. Their exceptional performance, reliability, and durability make them an attractive choice for a wide range of water-related industries and applications. By adopting these advanced actuators, businesses can optimize their operations, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize environmental impact while meeting the demanding requirements of submerged valve control.