valve actuators

Unlocking Automation: A Comprehensive Guide to Valve Actuators

Valve actuators serve as unsung workhorses in the realm of industrial automation. Performing the critical task of opening and closing valves, they provide the muscle for controlling the flow of fluids within a multitude of applications. In this guide, we’ll demystify the various types of valve actuators, enlightening you about their unique functionalities, advantages, and […]

Auma actuators in South Africa

Auma Actuators South Africa: The Gold Standard

It’s nearly impossible to discuss actuator technology without mentioning Auma, a titan in the world of actuator manufacturing. Founded in 1964 in Germany, Auma has persistently provided top-notch, reliable actuator solutions to numerous industries worldwide. While its reach expanded to every continent, Auma Actuators South Africa has been significantly impacted the industry. As ProActuator, we […]

types of valve actuators

Types of Valve Actuators

Valve actuators are an essential part of many industrial processes, and there are four basic types that are commonly used. Types of valve actuators include pneumatic , hydraulic , electro-hydraulic , and electric actuators. Pneumatic actuators Pneumatic actuators are powered by compressed air and are commonly used in manufacturing plants to control valves in various […]

Benefits of AUMA actuators

Benefits of using AUMA Actuators

In the world of industrial plant operations, the main goal is straightforward – to make the plant last as long as possible and get the most financial benefit. This task takes considerable initial investment. But as time moves on, there’s more to it. You have to think about using reliable and efficient equipment to keep […]

Understanding Modulating Actuators

Understanding Modulating Actuators

The advent of automation has ushered in a new era of efficiency in industrial operations. At the forefront of this automation revolution is modulating actuators – indispensable components of valve automation systems in a range of sectors, including but not limited to petrochemicals, oil and gas, and water treatment. This comprehensive guide aims to provide […]

The Power of Electric Actuator Controls

The Power of Electric Actuator Controls

Electric actuator controls are an absolute necessity when it comes to managing valves in industries like oil and gas, water treatment, and power generation. Think of them as the trusted supervisors for your valves, ensuring they open and close accurately to keep fluid flow in check. What are electric actuator controls? You might be wondering […]