Benefits of AUMA actuators

In the world of industrial plant operations, the main goal is straightforward – to make the plant last as long as possible and get the most financial benefit. This task takes considerable initial investment. But as time moves on, there’s more to it. You have to think about using reliable and efficient equipment to keep the plant working well and for a long time. One piece of equipment that helps achieve these goals is the AUMA actuators, known for their lasting durability and efficiency in automating valves.

Advantages of AUMA Actuators

Keeping an industrial plant up and running is no small feat. It involves considering numerous aspects such as reliability, safety, availability, productivity, product quality, and the all-important operating costs. AUMA, a frontrunner in the realm of electric actuators, gets this. They know the significance of these factors and emphasize them at each stage – from the initial product design, right through development, manufacture, and ultimately service. This level of commitment is what sets AUMA actuators apart, always striving for the highest operational standards in their industry.

Advantages of AUMA actuators

Maximum availability

When it comes to effective plant operations, availability tops the list of priorities. This is where AUMA comes in, significantly boosting your plant’s efficiency with their trustworthy, safe, and highly accessible solutions. AUMA actuators are thoughtfully engineered and thoroughly tested for longevity to hold their own even in the toughest of industrial settings. This robustness ensures that your plant keeps ticking, providing the utmost operational longevity.

Superior productivity

In addition to reliability, AUMA actuators are also tailored for unparalleled productivity. At the heart of this efficiency lies AUMA’s state-of-the-art DCS connection, which offers extensive insights into your plant’s functioning. This allows you to make data-driven decisions regarding its operation. AUMA’s singular interface for automating all types of valves offers a huge benefit. It saves you significant time during commissioning and maintenance, freeing you to focus on other crucial areas of your facility.

Preserved product quality of AUMA actuators

AUMA understands the impact of thermal processes on product quality and works tirelessly to help you maintain the highest possible quality standards. AUMA actuators are specifically designed for complex positioning tasks, requiring the utmost precision and repeatability to ensure that your products consistently meet or exceed industry standards.

Reducing operating costs

Reducing operating costs is another critical aspect of plant operations, and AUMA electrical actuators contribute significantly to this goal. AUMA actuators not only boast superior control properties compared to other systems but also require less energy than their pneumatic counterparts, helping you save on energy costs and reduce your plant’s overall environmental footprint.

Safe and simple power supply

Safety and simplicity are also crucial factors when it comes to the power supply. Unlike pneumatic or hydraulic cables, which comprise numerous mechanical components prone to pressure-related issues, electrical cables are devoid of such components, ensuring a safe and straightforward power supply for your plant.

Another advantage of AUMA’s electric actuators is their simple and safe power supply. Compared to pneumatic or hydraulic cables, electrical cables are exempt from mechanical components such as valves, flanges, and seals, which are usually under pressure under normal operation. This feature reduces the risk of leaks and other mechanical failures, ensuring a safe and secure operation.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all industries as we look towards the future. AUMA is committed to providing sustainable solutions for your plant operations. With AUMA’s innovative operational concepts, state-of-the-art actuation technologies, and advanced communication interfaces, we are at the forefront of valve automation, making us your ideal partner for all your plant automation needs.

Conclusion on AUMA actuators

In conclusion, AUMA is dedicated to helping you maximize your plant’s lifecycle while achieving the greatest possible economic benefits. Our focus on maximum availability, superior productivity, preserved product quality, reduced operating costs, simple and safe power supply, and sustainable solutions for the future ensures that your investment in AUMA actuators, equipment and services will provide exceptional value for years to come.

As a global leader in valve automation, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers worldwide. No matter where you are located, you can trust AUMA to be your expert partner in plant operations, helping you achieve the success and efficiency you deserve.