AUMA actuator electrical connectors

In industrial valve automation, plug-in electrical connectors are a crucial component of modular actuator designs. These actuator electric connectors act as separate units that can be easily connected and disconnected during maintenance work without disturbing the wiring or causing any downtime.

The best part about AUMA actuator electrical connectors is that they are compatible with all types of ranges, meaning they can be used for actuators with or without integral controls. This versatility is what makes them such a valuable asset in the field of industrial automation.

Actuator electrical connectors

The plug-in design of these connectors makes it easy for them to be quickly separated and reconnected, thus reducing downtime and avoiding wiring faults. This makes them a reliable option for industrial automation facilities, where any downtime or malfunction can result in significant losses.

If any communication via parallel signal transmission is required, AC is equipped with one of the electrical connections described above. This ensures that there is never a communication breakdown between the different components of the automated system.

When using Fieldbus technology, special connections are used. These connections are based on the plug-in design, just like the other connectors, and are designed to be easy to use and maintain.

electrical connectors of AUMA actuators

Types of electrical connectors of AUMA actuators

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of plug-in electrical connectors that are commonly used in industrial automation:

1. AUMA plug/socket electrical connectors:

This 50-contact connector is the core element for all connection types. It comes equipped with special code pins that prevent incorrect connections. The AUMA plug/socket connector also forms the electrical connection between the actuator and integral actuator controls, which can be quickly removed from and reconnected to the actuator.

2. Cover for electrical connection S:

This connector comes with three cable entries and is designed to provide a secure and reliable electrical connection.

3. Cover for electrical connection SH:

This connector offers 75% more space than the standard version and comes with additional cable entries. This makes it an ideal option for industrial automation facilities that require more space for their electrical connections.

4. Intermediate frame DS for double sealing:

This connector is designed to preserve enclosure protection even if the electrical connection is removed. It prevents dirt or humidity from entering the housing. It can be combined with any electrical connection type, making it a versatile option.

5. Fieldbus connection SD:

This connector comes equipped with a connection board that makes it easy to connect Fieldbus cables. What’s more, Fieldbus communication is not interrupted even when the connector is removed. Connection is made via Fieldbus specific characteristics, and for the Profibus, termination resistors are integrated.

6. Fieldbus connection SDE with FO couplers:

This connector is designed for the direct connection of fibre optic cables to AC controls. It is comparable in design to the SD connection but has a larger diameter to comfortably accommodate the specified FO cable bending radii. The FO module contains diagnostic functions to monitor fibre optic cable quality, making it a reliable option for industrial automation facilities that require a high level of precision and accuracy.

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Final words on AUMA electrical connectors

In conclusion, plug-in actuator electrical connectors are an essential component of AUMA industrial valve automation systems. They are designed to be versatile, reliable, and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for facilities that require high levels of precision and accuracy. Whether you need to connect Fieldbus cables or fibre optic cables to AC controls, there is a plug-in AUMA electrical connector available to meet your specific needs.